Pathways - Helping DC members
choose the right path towards retirement

Pathways for DC scheme members

Our Pathways service for pension freedoms is aimed at your DC members who are within 5 years of retirement and need to make important decisions about their pension.

Pathways primarily aims to help members:

  1. PRE-Retirement
    • Identify the optimal retirement income option - conventional ‘cash + annuity (or just cash!)’ or the alternative ‘income drawdown’ option.   
    • Align investment strategy to the relevant income option – tailored to individual needs.
  1. AT-Retirement
    • Implement the most effective retirement income strategy
    • Set up tax-free cash and income payments
  2. POST-Retirement
    • Manage ongoing retirement strategy (income, investments, tax etc)
    • Develop exit strategies where appropriate.

The PRE and AT retirement stages are likely to be the areas of most interest to employers and trustees. We invite you to get a taste of our Pathways decumulation and transition planning services by looking at our private client information, calculators and tools for people within 12 months of retirement & those within 5 years of retirement.

Our Pathways service delivers affordable regulated advice to those DC members who need it. We combine technology with expert interaction to engage members and tackle their pension and retirement planning needs. These guided online consultations  are charged at just £150 per member consultation and can be employer or employee funded.

We believe our service is unique in the UK market and should set the benchmark for DC scheme member support in the years ahead. 

For more information, please read our Pathways brochure.

For a demonstration or to find out more, please contact Andrew Pennie (07831-491068) or email

Pathways: Pension freedoms made simple!

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