What is an online consultation?

Our free no obligation consultation will help you to understand your financial position on retirement.  It will allow you to evaluate different strategies and what-if scenarios. It will enable you to assess your target income and will show you how your pension(s) and other investments can be used to maximise your retirement goals.

Following your consultation, you will have the option to purchase a detailed summary report of your retirement profile, including formal advice on what retirement option will be most appropriate, for a cost of £150. After that ... it's entirely up to you if you wish to engage with our award-winning retirement planning services further!

How does an online consultation work?

  • It will typically take 30-45 minutes
  • It can take place anywhere you have access to a computer and telephone
  • Your computer will be securely connected to our analysis system allowing you live coverage of your retirement portfolio being constructed
  • Our expert retirement analyst will guide you through the process by telephone and collect details of your circumstances to build your tailored profile
  • You will be able to ask virtually any ‘what if’ question and instantly see the results. For example, ‘what if I retire a year earlier/later?’


Below is a 1-minute video showing how our retirement modelling works.


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