On death (or second death if you are married or in a civil partnership) I want my pension fund to be preserved for my family

If you buy a conventional annuity (a guaranteed income for life) the income normally stops on death, or on second death for a joint life annuity. However, you can choose a guarantee period so that if you die within this period the annuity payments will continue to your estate for the remainder of the guarantee period. Alternatively, you could choose to have 'value protection' which means that the difference between the initial annuity purchase sum and the payments received up to death (or second death) is paid to your estate. If you die before age 75 this will be paid tax free. But if you die after age 75, then a tax charge may be due.

If you choose flexi-access drawdown the full value of the remaining fund (including any investment growth) would be paid to whoever you nominate. If you die before age 75 then there will be no tax charge. But if you die after age 75 then tax may be due. 

You should give this a high priority if it's important to you that on your death (or second death) any remaining fund passes to your family. 


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