The goal of retirement is to live off
your assets not on them!

Retirement is fast approaching..

You will soon need to make some big decisions about your pension fund - specialist retirement planning advice can help.

Retirement can be for a long period of time and the decisions you take now will affect you, and your family, for the rest of your lives. 

We specialise in retirement planning - it's what we do and all that we do. We have helped thousands of retirees to maximise their retirement income and would be delighted to help you do the same. Please have a look round our website and get in touch if you would like to discuss our retirement planning services in more detail.  

Please read our basic guide to your retirement income options.

We offer a free online discussionHelpwith one of our retirement experts to discuss your pension options and our services - please call 0800 077 8807 or click here for more information and to book your discussion.

Bob Sheldrake on another retirement adventure..

“I have been a client of Intelligent Pensions since 2002. I am satisfied that my fund is being well managed and that the returns are sufficient to maintain my pension requirements. With my pension secured and my wife protected should anything happen to me, thanks to the advice of Intelligent Pensions, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone seeking advice and services in respect of their pension funds.”

- Bob Sheldrake


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