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Flexi-access drawdown

Using flexi-access drawdown you can take as much income as you like from your pension fund at any time. Any income taken in excess of your tax-free entitlement will be taxed at your marginal income tax rate.

How long the pension fund lasts depends on how much income you take out – and how well the investments perform. Try our Retirement Income Forecaster to see how long your retirement income could last.

Care needs to be taken in terms of tax planning and sustainability of income. Large withdrawals could mean paying unnecessary tax and will naturally reduce the amount available to provide an income in the future. Conversely, taking small amounts of income could mean compromising your retirement standard of living unnecessarily. We can help you strike the right balance.

Any money left in your pension pot when you die can be passed on to your dependants or chosen nominee. 

Flexi-access drawdown requires regular monitoring and reviews to check it remains suitable in relation to changes in your personal circumstances, short and long term needs and changes in the markets.

You can buy an annuity or cash-in part or your entire flexi-access drawdown plan at any time in the future.

Who should consider flexi access drawdown?

Drawdown by its very nature requires the investor to take on some risk and therefore it is not a solution that will suit everyone. By taking on the required risks, you can benefit from more flexibility in terms of how you take your ongoing income, how your pension fund continues to be invested and more favourable death benefits.

If you have over £50,000 in pension funds we would recommend you take specialist advice on all of the available options to find the best solution for your circumstances.

To find out if drawdown is right for you, why not take advantage of our free online consultationHelpservice with one of our retirement experts - please call 0800 077 8807 or click here for more information and to book your consultation.

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