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18 March, 2018   |   By Fiona Tait   |   Blog


We get by with a little help from our friends @pensionsgirlieblog 12 March 2018

Dublin 2018.PNGIt takes all shapes and sizes to make up a rugby team, and we certainly had a range of physiques in the annual match between the Irish Insurance Institutes and Edinburgh Insurance Society this weekend.
It’s not always easy to find 15 individuals willing and able to survive 80 minutes of running around a fairly sizeable piece of turf while some of their very large and capable Celtic cousins come at them breathing fire (and whiskey), but we did it. Some of the “lads” were of more mature age and size, others were younger and swifter but together they made a team.
The same I hope is true for financial services. We’re not short of age and experience of the advisory side, but we should never overlook the contribution that can be made by youth and enthusiasm. It’s not just that each group is more likely to understand their own demographic better, but the blend of skills that come from individuals with different strengths creates a better overall result. Not to mention that they can do things with technology which leave folks like me running out of fingers for.

You may also notice in the picture above that green and blue are all mixed in together. When it came to the team photograph that’s how they lined up. There were also 2 occasions when players were injured, and helped off the pitch. Not by their own team but by the “opposition”, who just happened to be closer. You don’t see much of that in the full internationals but here the spirit of the game was prominent, in more ways than one. 
Dublin 2.PNGWe should all help each other, and avoid falling into the “them” and “us” trap. Advisers help their clients make the right choices but they could not do this without the providers who design the product solutions. Similarly clients need investment managers to look after the funds they invest in and the administrators and platforms who pull it all together. Not every client needs every one of the services on offer, and there is no questions that they should not pay for the ones they don’t, but it is possible to deliver value to different individuals by using the best and most suitable combination of each.
Try to remember that next time they’re driving you daft.

p.s. If you are interested the score in this match was very similar to the one at Lansdowne Road. Not feeling quite so great about being Scottish this week...