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30 April, 2018   |   By Fiona Tait   |   Blog


(I'll be your) substitute @PensionsGirlie Blog

(I’ll be your) substitute

I’ve been away you know… Well actually I haven’t. The blog hiatus was caused by the fact that the one was temporarily pulled because I couldn’t resist using the idea for another article and the second because, well, I was busy (note references to six FCA reports).

Last week was dominated by industry conferences, having attended theJohn Moret.PNG (2) excellent PA360 conference on Tuesday I was happily writing up my notes and doing other useful stuff when I got an email from industry guru and The-Pensions-Net-Work (TPNW) Chairman John Moret - their first speaker had unexpectedly been called away and could I put a presentation together by 8.30 the next day? Now for various reasons I haven’t actually been presenting much recently and so I had absolutely no material fit for an audience of industry experts. But… I like presenting, I like TPNW and I like John and its gorgeous Director Patricia McSherry. So I indulged myself, dropped everything and embarked on an orgy of powerpoint.

The first problem was what to talk about – where could I find enough interesting stuff on pensions to fill 40 minutes? Cue the FCA. No less than six major reports during March/April would provide anyone with enough to talk about. And that’s on top of the DWP’s report on defined benefit schemes and the Treasury Select Committee’s conclusions about pension freedoms. Just goes to show, nothing ever stands still in financial services.

Reports.PNGSecondly I had to create a slide slide. For “artistic reasons” I was @pensionsgirlie rather than @ipensions so I used the rather fetching twitter colours. And thirdly I had to present it. As I said, I was somewhat out of practice, but it was great. The audience were great, the presentation was OK and the buzz was better than ever. Maybe I should get a job as a technical pension presenter…

There was a price to pay of course – the 2 deadlines I had on Friday had to be accommodated as well and had to be written with less thought and planning than I would have liked. I’m not sure that this was a bad thing however – sometimes it is easy to over-think things and having less time does concentrate the mind. I’m not sure I could have come up with anything better if I’d have all week to work on it, although it would have been much better for my stress levels.

So if anyone else would like me to step in as their speaker I am happy to oblige, so long as it’s about pensions. Or possibly shoes - after all keeping up to date with the fashion in both areas is essential if one wishes to stay with it.Shoes.PNG