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We are retirement specialists and can provide services to advisers in all aspects of retirement planning. Our main areas of service are:

  • Pension Options in Retirement
    Helping clients with £100,000+ in their pension to identify the most appropriate retirement solution for their needs.
  • Income Drawdown
    Providing comprehensive ongoing drawdown advice for clients with £100,000+
  • Pre-Retirement Pension Reconstruction
    Detailed analysis of existing pension schemes and recommendations to maximise pension savings. £20,000+ for Gateway service and £100,000+ for full service.
  • Pension Transfers
    Analysis and recommendations for pension transfers, including defined benefit pension transfers. We are proud to hold the PFS Pension Transfer Gold Standard.

  • Pension & Divorce
    Providing detailed advice to either the 'credit' or 'debit' spouse in the event of a divorce.

We will also consider consultancy and one-off project work for any area of retirement planning not mentioned above.

Please contact us to discuss any area of our services in further detail, including our costs and income options for you. 

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