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Pension Transfer Advice

A significant part of our business is advising on pension transfers whether it be transferring from a private pension arrangement or a company scheme. We have a team of dedicated pension transfer specialists and have advised on over 10,000 DC and DB pension transfers.

Intelligent Pensions are proud to hold the Pension Transfer Gold Standard and are committed to providing advice in accordance with the principles of the standard set by The Personal Finance Society.

Defined Benefit (DB) (or final salary) Pension Transfers: As a result of the new pension freedoms, the number of defined benefit pension transfers has increased as more people are attracted by the freedoms, flexibility and favourable death benefits. Anyone looking to transfer a defined benefit pension with a value of £30,000 or more is required to take advice from a pension transfer specialist. Please note, due to our current workload, we are not taking on any new defined benefit cases at this time. If you care to check back with us later in 2023 we will be pleased to hear from you.

Watch the video below for some additional information about pensions and pension transfers.

Defined Contribution (DC) Pension Transfers: High charges and/or poor investment performance can be the scourge of many pension plans. Our review service will undertake thorough analysis of each pension arrangement and will issue a report specifying whether you should move your pension to a better arrangement or should leave it where it is.

Anyone looking to transfer a defined contribution pension which has safeguarded benefits (some form of guaranteed pension e.g. guaranteed annuity rates or an old with profits retirement annuity) with a value of £30,000 or more is required to take advice from a pension transfer specialist. 

For all pension transfers a detailed assessment is required of the relative merits of transferring and we undertake thorough due diligence before issuing our recommendations. 

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“I have dealt with Intelligent Pensions for some years now  - they are warm, put you at your ease and explain matters simply and honestly and always backed up with factual charts.   I always feel that they have my best interests at heart.”

- Ros Norsworthy, Cornwall

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