When love and skill work together,
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Our skills

We specialise in building and managing bespoke retirement strategies for our clients. We understand the complexities of the retirement planning market and through our innovative technology and investment solutions, we are able to cut through the complexities and present real solutions in a uniquely dynamic and easy to understand manner.

Retirement modelling technology

Our highly acclaimed retirement modelling system enables you to work with a dedicated retirement analyst to design your retirement. We analyse your objectives, investment growth, inflation and available resources to effectively produce a discounted cash flow of your retirement. This enables you to visualise your retirement options from a variety of perspectives and, by trying different ‘what if’ scenarios, instantly see the effects.

At every annual review your retirement analyst will reassess your retirement planning analysis and strategy to ensure you continue to plan your retirement with confidence.

Investment Strategy

The investment management of a pension throughout retirement is a vital aspect of the retirement advice process. This requires a process of risk management, using well thought out investment strategies, to provide a gradual transition towards ultimate security and your peace of mind.

Our investment portfolios are bespoke to your individual circumstances and will be determined not just by your stage in the retirement process but also by your objectives, age, health, dependency on your pension fund and your individual attitude to investment risk.

Common to all investment portfolios and strategies is Diversification Help and Investment Monitoring Help

Watch a 1-minute video about our retirement modelling technology:



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“We have always found Intelligent Pensions to be very professional and reassuring, especially during the recent turmoil in financial markets. Following a fall in markets our plan has recovered well and gives us confidence for the future.”

- Mr & Mrs G, Solihull


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